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StoryboardThat has been one of my most favorite resources for years. It is a personalized digital storytelling platform that is supported and integrated in Clever, ClassLink, Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology. There are thousands of templates across multiple subjects and grade levels that all include editable options to adapt to specific students in the classroom or in the workplace. Yes. Even employers can use to create visuals, including visual schedules, in the workplace to support neurodivergent employees or employees with disabilities. StoryoardThat allows the user to adjust each student or person within a frame from head to toe across any scene by position and individual characteristic. Their resources include graphic organizers, infographics, social stories, and much more, from elementary to high school. All templates are organized by grade level and subject including expanded content related to digital citizenship, English language learners, special education, health & wellness, and world languages, in addition to math, science, social studies, and reading/language arts. Students can use their creativity to create their own or teachers can create to integrate in a lesson. The options are truly endless!

Diversity & Inclusion

If you are looking for a resource that highlights diversity and inclusion, StoryboardThat comes personally highly recommended. There are options to download or create social stories, activities based on holidays of multiple cultures, biographies of historical figures, and access to multiple ethnicities and disability options in every template. This includes items such as walking canes, wheelchairs, multiple forms of assistive technology, seeing eye dogs, prosthetics, scenes from multiple cultures and religions, turbans, and different ethnic hairstyles. It is a very powerful communication tool that allows employers, teachers, and students to create storyboards, templates, and resources that resemble each individual’s true personal likeness.

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Access to their resources, lesson plans, and activities include a free, “for fun,” teacher (teacher, school, and district), and work (business) version. It is very user friendly, and allows teachers to create assignments and import students from their Google Classroom. Teachers are also able to see student work in real-time and it allows for a sharing feature to allow students to work collaboratively with each other. Take advantage of their free trial to go play around! Go to

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