Tech Tool @ISTE: Merge Cube Augmented & Virtual Reality

If you are going to be at ISTE 2023 you will most likely find the Merge Cube! I will most definitely stop by their booth. Each year they offer raffles and chances to win a Merge Cube so if you are there, definitely stop by. The Merge Cube was developed by MergeEDU and lets you hold digital 3D objects through the cube. The Merge Cube has 1000+ hands-on teaching aids, and over 100+ interactive science simulations that can be used at home or in the classroom. They now have a Merge Headset that adapts to VR. On the MergeEDU website, you will find a FREE 3-month individual subscription to try out. It is available on iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Windows. I highly recommend it for any age group or STEM content area. They also offer professional development resources, funding resources, a blog, and information on research specific to the impact of AR/VR on student achievement. Check out the research here.

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MERGE at ISTE Expo & Session Connections

ISTE Expo Booth(s): 2662

“Merge EDU is a hands-on digital learning platform that helps students learn science and STEM with 3D objects and simulations they can touch, hold and interact with. Bringing AR into your school with Merge EDU will deepen student engagement in science and STEM, help students understand complex concepts more effectively, give them first-hand experience with technology that will shape their future, and teachers will be experts in no time with easy-to-follow guides and curriculum-aligned activities. To learn more about Merge EDU, visit”

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