Low-Tech Assistive Technology Finds for the Home, Classroom, or Workplace

After looking for some low-tech and cheap assistive technology finds for a family and a student I was working with, I came across a few new finds that are definitely worth sharing. I work primarily with transition-age or secondary students working towards improving independence, however, I can see how many of these items could be used across multiple ages and environments including the workplace or school.

The Under-Cabinet Grip Jar Opener

The Under-Cabinet Grip Jar Opener is designed to assist individuals in opening jars and bottles more easily. This opener is a practical and user-friendly tool that aims to alleviate the challenges associated with opening tight or stubborn lids. It features a simple and efficient design that provides leverage and grip to help loosen jar lids with minimal effort and can accommodate a wide range of jar sizes, from small condiment jars to larger containers.

This jar opener is particularly beneficial for individuals who may have decreased hand strength or limited dexterity due to conditions such as a disability, arthritis, or aging. It offers a nonslip grip and leverage mechanism that allows users to apply less force while opening jars, reducing strain on the hands and wrists.

To use the opener, users place the opener on top of the jar lid, adjust the size to fit the lid, and then apply downward pressure while turning the handle. The opener’s teeth or gripping mechanism securely hold the lid, providing stability and making it easier to twist and remove.

The Keywing

The Keywing is one of my newest finds that adds extra mobility and torque to turn more easily. This device is designed to make turning keys easier for individuals with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or other hand-dexterity challenges and promotes greater independence and convenience, enabling users to navigate their daily routines with increased ease and confidence.

The Keywing is an assistive tool that aims to enhance independence and simplify the process of using keys. It features a compact and ergonomic design that provides a larger grip area, making it easier to hold and manipulate keys. The device attaches securely to most standard-sized keys, allowing users to turn keys with less effort and strain.

This key-turning aid is particularly beneficial for individuals with reduced hand strength, limited fine motor skills, or difficulty gripping and turning small objects. By providing a larger and more ergonomic grip, it helps alleviate the challenges associated with key usage.

To use the Keywing, just insert the key into the device and hold onto the extended handle for better leverage. The enlarged grip and ergonomic design enable easier rotation of the key, reducing the physical effort required to unlock doors or operate other key-operated mechanisms.

Door Handle Extender

The Rubberized Doorknob Extender is designed to convert standard round doorknobs into a lever-style handle. This product aims to improve accessibility and independent living for individuals, particularly children, who may have difficulty gripping or turning traditional doorknobs.

The Extension Rubberized Doorknob is a practical aid that allows for easier access to doors and promotes independence for individuals with limited hand strength, dexterity, or mobility challenges. It features a lever-style design with a rubberized grip, which offers a more ergonomic and comfortable alternative to the standard round doorknob.

This doorknob extension is easy to install, as it simply slips over the existing doorknob and is secured in place. It fits most standard round doorknobs, converting them into a lever that can be pushed down or pulled up instead of requiring a twisting motion. The rubberized surface provides a non-slip grip, making it easier for individuals with weak or limited hand function to operate doors.

The Extension Rubberized Doorknob is particularly beneficial for children or individuals with disabilities, including those with arthritis, cerebral palsy, or other conditions that affect hand strength or coordination. By offering a more accessible and user-friendly solution, it helps empower individuals to navigate their environment more independently.

EazyHold Universal Adaptive Utensil

The EazyHold Universal Adaptive Utensil is specifically designed for individuals with mobility challenges or limited hand dexterity during eating.

The EazyHold Universal Adaptive Utensil is a versatile and practical aid that aims to improve independence and enhance the dining experience for people with disabilities, physical limitations, or conditions such as arthritis, cerebral palsy, or Parkinson’s disease. The utensil is made from soft, flexible silicone material, which makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use.

This adaptive utensil replaces the need for a traditional grip on cutlery and instead provides a secure and customizable grip for various eating utensils such as forks, spoons, and other small tools. It features multiple holes and adjustable straps that can be wrapped around the handle of the utensil, accommodating different hand sizes and adapting to individual needs.

The EazyHold Universal Adaptive Utensil offers a non-slip grip, ensuring that the utensil remains securely in the user’s hand while eating. This feature can help reduce spills and accidents, promoting a more enjoyable and dignified dining experience. The utensil is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and maintain hygiene.

Overall, the EazyHold Universal Adaptive Utensil is designed to provide greater independence and comfort for individuals with limited hand function or mobility challenges during mealtime. Its adaptable design, soft material, and secure grip make it a practical and convenient tool for those who require assistance in eating.

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