Advocacy Services

Special Education and 504 services (i.e., 504 plans) are mandated by federal law with very specific yet state-variable laws, regulations, and district policies that are difficult to navigate for parents, especially for parents who are new to special education or 504 services and/or may be struggling to understand their rights, and what is available to them and their child.

My goal as an advocate is to work with the parent and the school or district to ensure that appropriate services are in place and to educate and inform parents on their rights and the rights of their child with a disability so that they can navigate the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) paperwork and due process procedures independently without concern of school transparency or withholding of services. I want to ensure that children with special needs are getting everything they need to be successful in the educational environment, both in person and/or virtually.

I offer virtual and in-person services (based on location or travel expenses) such as paperwork reviews for IEPs, evaluations, and 504 plans, 1:1 meetings with parents, sit-ins on IEP and 504 meetings, and much more, tailored to the parent or student’s need.

Don’t hesitate to contact me via my website at the link above to schedule a FREE 30-minute special education consultation. You should receive a response and scheduling options within 24-48 hours.

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