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I have been using the MyBib citation and reference page generator for almost 2 years now as a Ph.D. student. If there is one tool I would recommend to any secondary or post-secondary student when it comes to research, MyBib would be in my top 5 list. One thing I love about it is that it is web-based and you don’t have to download anything to your computer. It does have a downloadable option into Mendeley and Zotero if that is your thing, but if you are looking for fast, efficient, user-friendliness, and less hiccups, I would give MyBib a try. It automatically alphabetizes your reference page for you, exports in 8 different formats, has every APA/MLA formatting style available (including many more), allows importing from other citation generators, has a shareable feature for collaborative projects, has a copy/past in-text and bibliography citation feature, and allows your citations to be easily organized by project. To get an idea of its capabilities, you can upload any of the following to be cited based on the format of your choice: URL, book title, journal article, video, artwork, blog post, book chapter, book review, conference paper, database article, dictionary entry, e-book, encyclopedia, film/movie, image, interview, legal bill, legal case, legislation, magazine article, map, news article, patent, personal communication, regulation, report, review, song, speech, standard, thesis or dissertation, tv/radio broadcast, website, or even a write/paste citation. It really is for anyone doing any type of research.

Another aspect of MyBib that I also enjoy is the URL embed feature within each citation. For example, when I create the citation from an online journal or book chapter, I have a URL option within the citation generator that allows me to go back and find that article again at a later date. This means no more hunting for cited articles in your project(s). Within each citation, as you are in creator mode there is also a “Fix All” feature. This artificial intelligence feature will automatically fix all errors within the citation that was generated online to meet the formatting style you need or to fix errors when switching between formats. All those long hours of manually changing each individual reference and every little error are no longer needed. Best of all, did I mention it is free? Yes, free. All premium features are free and there are no ads! It is within the Googe Workspace Marketplace and also has an embedded Google Chrome extension.

With every technology tool comes trial-and-error and glitches, but I have yet to really run into any major issues. Every once in a while I will come across an article or reference that is hard to find, but it is typically a website/online issue or someone else cited incorrectly. It is also important to remember that a journal article and database journal article that requires credentials are different. Be sure to use the database article option if you are struggling to get a PDF or article to upload. If you are needing support in MyBib please feel free to reach out. I would love to help you troubleshoot to fit your research needs but if all goes well I hope you enjoy a new tech tool today!

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