Quizizz: Fun and Functional

As a teacher with 11 years of experience in the classroom Kahoot! was the go to formative assement machine that wasnt just great for student and teacher cuiz creation, but also for just plain fun. There are hundreds of fun icebreakers and games to choose from including identifying logos, name that movie, name that song, whats that candy, seasonal themes, and so on. Whenever I had an extra 5-10 minutes left in class, Kahoot! was our go to. However, after a while the same students were always winning and my special education students who may need a little bit more time to answer a question or maybe just needed a second chance to respond, kept getting left behind. After attending an instructional technology professional development I found Quizizz. Quizizz has these amazing power ups giving students as much as they need to answer questions, the oppurtunity to bypass their peers, access to age appropriate fun and motivational memes, and also allows for second chances to answer questions to earn points. From a special education perspective Quizizz is most definately my go to informative assessement tool. Most recently I tried it out on my teacher candidates in higher education. I asked them how many of them had played Kahoot, all of them raised their hand. I then asked them how many of them played Quizizz, and only 1 raised their hand. After a trial run playing with some “fun” quizzes and then some more formal content-based ones, the novice teacher candidates were hooked. It was one of their new favorite tools. However, Kahoot has comes leaps and bounds over the years with all the added content from teachers and students so sometimes you are able to find more pre-created content, but Quizizz is quickly catching up. Next time you have the oppurtunity to test it out within a professional devlopment session or within a classroom I would highly recommend it.

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