Free PP Notebook-based Digital Token Board: Ryan’s World, Peppa the Pig, & Baby Shark

Prior to my doctoral studies, I was a general and special education math teacher for junior high school. I never worked much with the elementary level and focused much of my time at the secondary level. During my first year, I started reading about autism and behavioral therapy since one of my advisors was a... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for New Ph.D. Students

In the past 2 years as a Ph.D. student, I have learned more about education, specifically special education, than in the 11 years I was an educator. It has, however, been 2 of the hardest years so far in my career. Reading and writing consumes every minute of your day (you even dream about it,... Continue Reading →

Remote Freelance Work Experience in Transition Services for Students with Disabilities

When special education teachers or IEP teams think of transition services for students with disabilities around age 14-21, that typically would include filling out interest surveys, career placement activities, college tours, home activities such as practicing for a drivers liscense, preparing high school course schedules, going to career fairs, or something as simple as learning... Continue Reading →

Quizizz: Fun and Functional

As a teacher with 11 years of experience in the classroom Kahoot! was the go to formative assement machine that wasnt just great for student and teacher cuiz creation, but also for just plain fun. There are hundreds of fun icebreakers and games to choose from including identifying logos, name that movie, name that song,... Continue Reading →


Welcome to my personal website where you can find resources on educational technology, special eduation, transition services, twice-exceptional, and much more! Please feel free to browse this site for weekly blog updates, resources, and my professional information. Blog topics vary each week and are based on current research, topics, and tends related to special education... Continue Reading →

My Foundation

My special education foundation started as a first year teacher in Arkansas in 2008 when I graduated from the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith with a Bachelors degree in Middle Level Childhood Education with an emphasis in science and mathematics. From 2008-2013 I was a general education math teacher, but taught special education inclusion... Continue Reading →

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