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I asked ChatGPT “What are some guidelines I could share with teachers regarding the use of ChatGPT by students?” and this is what I got…

There has been a swarm of conflict, disconnect, confusion, and fear in K-12 and high education in the use of ChatGPT or any artificial intelligence (AI) program, and yes, there are many others out there and some we use everyday but do not realize it. For example, TLDR this is a Google Chrome extension that…

Dive Into UDL (2nd Edition): A Must Read for Educators and Higher Education Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs)

A Book Review of: Grant & Perez (2022), Dive Into UDL: Immersive Practices to Develop Expert Learners. 2nd edition. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). ISBN: 978-1-56484-933-5. Introduction “Dive Into UDL (Universal Design for Learning)” is one of my new favorite go to books for inspiration when it comes to professional learning to…

Transitioning to College with a Hidden Dis/ability: 4 Tips to Get Started

Preface First, you may notice that I use dis/ability in the article. This is something I would like to bring to light after reading the work of Subini Ancy Annamma, especially in her work The Pedagogy of Pathologization (2018), and one of her descriptions of why: “I deliberately use ‘dis/ability’ instead of ‘disability’ to call…


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